Zeta-Web Nigeria Limited (ZNL) VSAT product is a satellite based Business Quality Broadband (iBQB) Intranet or Internet service specifically designed to provide organizations with a fast broadband speed, 99.5% reliable service anywhere in a satellite footprint at an affordable cost. Zeta-Web utilizes the most modern Ka and Ku Band Satellites.


Zeta-Web Broadband

Zeta-Web Broadband is a low cost direct satellite internet access solution. It is a reliable service that is “always on”, a telecommunication service on which you can depend on for the day-to-day efficient operation of your business. The Zeta-Web Broadband Solution includes both a Business Quality Data Communications Solution and a Business Quality Voice over Internet Protocol (VoIP).

Zeta-Web Corporate Networks – WAN/VPN

Zeta-Web has many years of experience in designing, implementing and operating high-end satellite corporate data networks for customer specific Wide Area Network (WAN) solutions and Virtual Private Network (VPN).