Securing your business through VPN.


Do you know?

Anytime you connect to the internet, you leave behind numerous personal details, without your knowledge. 

Your internet provider knows what sites you visit and what you download; while the websites you surf know your IP address (your location) and the the history of your page views on such sites. 

Pirates are capable of accessing your personal data when you connect to an unsecured WIFI Hotspot, but Thanks to VPN, you can now filter access to certain sites while monitoring your data flow. It also enables you to block certain harmful protocols from running. 


VPN is usually very flexible in terms of growing with the company and adding new users to the network.

A VPN connection is provisioned to be SCALABLE. This means new components can be added to accommodate the growth with minimal or no cost.

It supports and creates a secure and encrypted tunnel for Remote access, LAN2LAN support and Controlled Access within the intranet; while providing IP anonymity that guarantees no data will be divulged without your consent. 

At Zeta-Web, securing your data (confidential or non-confidential) is a priority to us and we deploy the safest security modes at our clients’ end.

Our VPN solution is secured two-ways – From our end and From Client’s end. 

It is provisioned on a triple layer encryption, authenticated and protected against detection or attack to safeguard your virtual and private connections – data flow, internet history and exchanges.

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