Internet and Your Business.


The ability to access data and content from the internet, anywhere and anytime from an array of wireless devices is now an integral part of any business. Having a reliable internet connection is a key element that determines how accessible, efficient and seamless your daily operations will be to ensure growth and profitability.

Therefore, before subscribing to any service provider, there are some important questions you need to ask yourself:
1. Is the internet service you are subscribing to, grow with your business?
2. Can the network support the different business applications you use or will use?
3. How efficient and responsive is their Technical and Customer Support?
4. Is their service robust – do they provide an all-inclusive business efficiency solutions that will help you reduce cost and manage your ICT needs on a single platform?
5. Is their ICT infrastructure and network in line with international standard?

How can a good internet connection grow your business.

Getting the right internet service provider for your business is easier to achieve once you have answers to the questions listed above.

Reliability, Availability, Unlimited Data Cap, Premium Speeds, Security and Scalability are key factors to also put into consideration to ensure your business gets the right internet partner that will help you achieve operational excellence.
Dedicated Connections: you are not sharing your connection with other subscribers, the circuit and associated bandwidth are just for your business.
Symmetric Connectivity: allows you upload huge files easily where necessary, to derive maximum benefit from the internet connection.
Collaboration: it is easier and faster. User can enjoy maximum advantage of communications technologies such as tele-presence and video conferencing.
Robust platform: a great connection supports all your other technology needs.
High Returns on Investment (ROI): offers bundle packages that helps you reduce cost and get the Best value on your investment.
Remote Access through VPN: leads to increased productivity, greater employee satisfaction, reduced travel and out-station allowance and reduce operational cost.
At Zeta-Web, we deploy solutions into homes and business environments by providing a reliable, high-performance, long-range broadband network infrastructure for supporting a variety of bandwidth -intensive network applications and daily business needs.
By Leveraging the versatility, performance and cost-effectiveness of our solutions, our broadband networking products can also be deployed to establish and manage existing network to solve coverage and performance issues in challenging environment.
We integrate solutions into larger systems to deliver timely communications capabilities where there would otherwise be none.

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