Fiber-to-the-Home (FTTH)


The demand for high-speed data connection is on the all-time high, with users demanding for their internet to be more robust and do much more than just browse or send emails.

The ability of a service provider to be able to meet consumers’ demand, evolution in the ICT industry and better connectivity has brought about the Fiber-to-Home Broadband Connections for individual residence use.


FTTH is the deployment of highest quality fiber optic cable connections to individual homes.  This optic-based systems deliver a multitude of digital information, telephone, video, data etc more efficiently than the traditional copper co-axial cable or VSAT.

FTTH service offers your business and family access to the internet gateway, using the highest speeds available to download and upload without glitches.


The Fiber optic cable will be installed to connect your home/business directly to our fiber lay.There is no radio or copper cables in between; which means you get Reliable, Guaranteed, Premium speeds without the frequent intermittencies and/or signal loss as found with wireless or terrestrial technologies e.g. VSAT, 3G, and 4G LTE etc.

By deploying fiber optics direct to your home, we are able to offer turn-key customizable enterprise solutions regarding Internet Bandwidth, Access to Unlimited Data and WiFi location-based Hotspots capabilities, for an optimized home experience even as the technology continues to grow and expand.

1. FTTH network has a scalable architecture – it grows with your demand.
2. Cost Effective: FTTH broadband connections allow consumers to “bundle” their communications services.
For instance, a consumer can receive telephone, video, audio, television and any other kind of digital data stream using a simple FTTH broadband connection.
3. Weatherproof connection: Higher stability and less interruptions. It is also less susceptible to corrosion or power surges from lightning and other sources; thus, resulting in greater reliability and availability.
4.  Allows for future evolution of technology.  
5.  Flexibility: residents can work from home on a secure and reliable connection.  
6.  Bandwidth can be offered in a pool and redistributed within the estate making it cost effective
7.  Unlimited number of residents can be aggregated in the pool; thereby making it scalable and robust for the envisioned growth of the estate / community.  
8. No interference during peak hours. Speed is consistent all through the day. Residents get what they pay for, AT ALL TIMES.

Through FTTH, we unleash endless potentials for you; that meet the needs of Now, and create scalable solutions for the future.

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