• How often do you experience downtimes due to Fiber cut?
  • What back-up plan has your provider put in place to curb these downtimes?
  • Do you experience frequent intermittency on your service?
  • Are you getting minimal value for your investment?

If you can relate to any of these questions, then it is time to make a switch to FIBERSAT.

What is FiberSat?

FiberSat is an innovative combination of Zeta-Web’s VSAT broadband service and Fiber Optic technologies.

It offers the BEST of both technologies with an edge to give your business Higher Availability,Unlimited Data cap, Adaptability and Flexibility.

The solution is a fully redundant suite with an automatic fail-over switch to guarantee business continuity, agility and efficiency.

Advantages of FiberSat

1. Cost Effective: Two live links at the price of one.

2. Dedicated bandwidth with Unlimited data cap

3. Minimal Downtime –Fail-over switch between both services simultaneously.

4. Robust Solution for business efficiency.

5. Single hop to the internet to eliminate multiple points of failure.

FiberSat is the option when you desire a fast,reliable and responsive user experience on your internet connections that provides required support for a seamless business operations via multiple points of presence (POPs) across Nigeria.

Our POPs are efficient and effective as distribution hubs and connected to major landing stations to provide ease of access to clients’ locations.

Zeta-Web’s FiberSat has been built over diverse routes to make it ResilientRedundant and to give you High Value for your investment.

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