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We are living in the information age where every day newer technologies emerge and/or evolve. With the growing popularity of mobile and web based applications, there is demand for a solution which is easy to deploy, use, manage and create a cloud backend for mobile, tablet and web apps. Just in the same light, Data Security cannot be ignored especially when it comes to business and as such Backup and Recovery is critical to every organization.

Data Backup is very crucial in the event of an unplanned error, hardware /software failure or environmental disaster. These errors can impact negatively on productivity and efficiency and also puts the business at the risk of losing all its critical data.

Backup as a Service (BaaS), sometimes called Cloud Backup, is a software service that automatically backs up your data to an encrypted cloud, regardless of where the data comes from. This means your Cloud BaaS can be programmed to backup data stored on your company’s PC, laptop, tablet or mobile device.

Organizations are now moving away from On-Premise backup to Cloud backup. Cloud storage has created an affordable multi-tier BDR option to backup critical data for retrieval after a data loss event or other disaster either on a dependable public or private cloud-based option. As an alternative of performing backup with a centralized, on-premises IT department, BaaS connects systems to a private, public or hybrid cloud managed by the provider.

Backup as a Service is more efficient, affordable and easier to manage, since the provider takes care of the management and maintenance of the backup sites and infrastructure as a whole.



EFFICIENCY AND RELIABILITY: Zeta-Web makes use of the modern technology, such as tiered storage for backup, compression, encryption, data deduplication, server virtualization, storage virtualization, application-specific protection, and more. In addition to the security, there is no need to worry about upgrades, migrations or technology obsolescence; the burden of the backup infrastructure lies with the provider. By implementing cloud data backup, organizations can bolster their data protection strategy without increasing the workload on the IT staff.

SCALABILITY WITH COST SAVINGS: Organizations can leverage the unlimited scalability of a third-party back-up provision without the upfront capital expenditure. The pay-as-you-use model significantly reduces the procurement and provisioning headaches for backup. This approach allows for predictable management of capacity growth and operational costs. Organization buy exactly the type and amount of service required leading to better resource utilization.

ACCESSIBILITY: Cloud backup plays significant role especially to organizations that do not have On-Premise backup infrastructure and disaster recovery plans but recognize the greater efficiency and long-term cost savings to be gained by outsourcing. Managed backup can be accessed from anywhere with the help of an Internet connection.

FLEXIBILITY: BaaS model has been designed flexible that it can used for multiple category of development, such as web app development, for devices such as kindle, and other healthcare and education related devices. It is even useful in the deployment of API frameworks.

HASSLE-FREE: BaaS providers take care of hosting and maintenance, so it’s completely hassle free.

OPTIMAL BACKUP AND PERFORMANCE: Qualified and certified backup engineers will ensure that both backups and restores are configured for optimal performance by ensuring that all software components settings are uniquely configured to compliment your specific environment, ensuring the fastest possible backups without any impact to your network. BaaS engineers assess your environment and develop a customized backup and restore plan based on your specific needs taking your entire network into account, allowing for a holistic and optimized backup environment.

BACKUP ENVIRONMENT IS FULLY MANAGED: Many firms lack the staff capacity and expertise to adequately manage the backup environment. Employing a Backup as a Service approach places the onus of the backup environment on a team of qualified backup engineers, who will ensure that the environment remains stable and that all backup and restore operations complete smoothly and successfully.




The success achieved by a Managed Backup Service Provider is determined to a great extent by the network service available to ensure the data can be transferred back and forth. The speed attainable during Back-up/Restore operations will therefore depend on the reliability and availability of internet network connections. This is good news for businesses because with our internet solutions, backing up your data is done in record time. You could also use various technologies available e.g. WAN Optimization, Physical Initial Full back-up or scheduled Back-ups during latent activity intervals on the network.


Though a drawback for many providers, we solve this with good planning and due diligence, by making sure we understand your business needs and orchestrate solutions that will scale with the growth of your organization. This relieves you of the stress of capacity planning and allows you to run your business efficiently.


Some organizations are skeptical about moving to this solution because of security of their data and many questions have been raised such as the encryption process, access control lists and role-based authentication. We ensure that these security measures are in place in other to safeguard the customer’s data. We also have a back-up to our backup at different off-site locations to ensure no mission-critical data is lost.

At Zeta-Web, we design, implement and operate the most cost effective Backup as Service solutions and provide off-site backup repositories and Virtual Machine replicas. We have the best highly skilled team, who will work with you and provide up to date report on your backup services.


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