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It is a fact that lots of businesses are struggling and sourcing alternate means or adding to their existing products and services.

Despite the economic downturn, businesses can still not afford to give less than top quality to their clients as they expect nothing less than that.

In order to save cost while still providing excellent service to your clientele, Zeta-Web is offering an All-in-one Solution for your ICT needs. The entire purpose is to give you one point of contact for all your technology-related issues. We understand that every company has different needs, systems and goals and as such we offer solutions that most of the other IT companies wouldn’t even want to touch.

What is an All-in-One Solution?

There is no business that does not make use of the internet in their daily operations and depending on your kind of business, you might also make use of other ICT services; meaning you are paying multiple providers for various services rendered to your business. Now, this no matter how you want to justify it, will still be expensive.

Our solution is to have ALL your internet and ICT needs combined as one service, thereby:

  1. Reducing cost
  2. Streamlining your processes
  3. Access to a scalable and robust platform

At Zeta-Web, our clients and their business growth and continuity is foremost in our mind and we are always looking for new and affordable IT Solutions that will positively impact your business and position it for continuous progress.

We look at all the angles to ensure that not only will our products be functional to their highest degree, but that you are able to use them fluidly.

The services are offered as a bundled package with internet services. We specialize in All things Technology, from basic to core IT services:

  • Virus Removal
  • Office Automation
  • Technology Support – IT maintenance / IT Support
  • Data Centers
  • Data Back-up / Disaster Recovery & Prevention
  • Document Management and Archiving
  • Collaboration and Managed services
  • Web & Cloud Services
  • IP Infrastructure
  • Network Design and Management

For Internet services, we offer the following:

  • Fiber
  • Radio (wireless)
  • FiberSat
  • FiberMax
  • VSAT
  • MPLS & VPN
  • Wifi-Hotspot.

Any of the above-mentioned services can be bundled together and offered at a discounted rate just for you.

Our team of highly skilled personnel will collaborate on jobs and use their expertise to proffer and deploy the best cost effective solution for your business.

Call now and let us focus on your IT needs while you concentrate on your business.

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